“The Steel Sunset” is a thrilling interactive fiction game. Text quest is filled with magic, audacious battles and a fervent desire to survive that arose in someone who not so long ago sought nothing but an easy death.

The young writer, Sergey Solovyev, has created a unique world. The Intergalactic civilization has spread across the Universe in search of sentient life forms. The weak are killed on the spot. The strong are taken aboard invaders’ spaceships to be experimented on, sold into slavery or turned into nutritious biomass for the crew.

Life on planet Volten carried on as usual. The elves roamed the magic woods; the gnomes confined themselves to their laboratories trying to design new steam-engine machinery; and the dwarves were glued to their pickaxes and shovels as they mined for metals and valuable precious stones from the very bowels of their native land.

The steel people it homed began to massacre the natives, exterminating entire cities. Growing tired of hiding from the unbeatable enemy, one of the sons of the Under-the-Mountain folk ventures on a desperate move: he leaves his hometown, starts a huge bonfire and, looking for a quick death, steps right into the heart of its fiery heat…

Now you are the Fiery Master, whose will and mood govern the fate of our hero and his whole world. Only you can determine what adventures await around the corner…


Carolin Lim

Quite impressive base concept and story-telling. I may be quite biased, however I find this enticing.

Eman Cham

I love it I’m a dragon

KiLo Deck

Great game to play on your free time!

Nick Seda

It really does a great job of making you feel like an all-powerful entity, which is awesome.

wild shadowmancer

So far the game has been fun and unique, I love it!

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