An aristocrat, the owner of a castle and thousands of acres of land.

He is rich and, since he was very young, considered himself the master of the world around him. He is arrogant, and is disdainful towards those he is not interested in. On the other hand, he knows how to be courteous with those who can serve his purposes–particularly inventors. However, it is their inventions he is interested in, not the people themselves. To these ends, Lord Greystone invests huge amounts of money into scientific development, and he was particularly enthralled by Albert Mosby”s theory of time funnels. Waiting for official results from Mosby”s studies proved unbearable for Greystone, so he decided to offer a choice: either Mosby works for him, or he will be disappointed. Lord Greystone does not like to be disappointed.


A scientist that discovered time funnels and proved that it is possible to travel in time.

From early childhood Albert was unsociable and closed off, but he always achieved his goals. He is often lost in his thoughts, which is why he could only find friends at university. He likes the sciences and to read, only drinks black coffee, and is fixated on his inventions. Albert rarely leaves the house. The idea of time travel came to him in his youth, and he worked tirelessly until he got results. When he died, he had been working on a secret invention–there are various rumors as to what it is. Some historians believe that this secret invention was the cause of his death.


A student at the Historical Faculty of the Metropolitan University, Professor Richardson’s assistant.

Barbara has dreamed of traveling in time since childhood she was always more interested in the past than the present and was drawn to History from her earliest days of schooling. Her natural curiosity and adventurism pushed her towards time travel Mosby was her idol, and when he offered her the chance to travel in time she gladly agreed. However, to explore an epoch via historical research and to visit it via time travel are not the same things, and when the time travel device failed, it cut her off from her partner and her world in the future. She will need all her courage and ingenuity to return home. But is it even possible?


Some travel to other countries or even continents – but Barbara can travel back to the past. She has crossed centuries to meet the creator of time travelling portals – the man she has admired most of her life. Trouble is, due to a glitch in the system her guide is gone missing, the dispatchers are not replying and Barbara is lost in the past. And her only chance to find the way back home is You.


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